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Stain Removing Extract // Textile

Stain Removing Extract // Textile

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The Stain Removing Extract is an all-aqueous fluid, readily and rapidly biodegradable and carbon neutral, we have used no environmentally hazardous ingredients, ensuring it is free from enzymes, bacteria, acids & phosphates.

Made from renewable resources based on 100% raw materials from vegetable extracts. Our Stain Removing Extract is non-toxic, and non-irritating to eyes or skin. Use on garments to remove tough everyday stains, and try to catch stains as soon as possible, for best results.


Application - 1. Try to catch stains as soon as possible for the best results. 2. Apply a generous amount to the stain and use a clean cloth to work the solution into the area. 3. Keep working on the stain in a twist and dab motion. 4. Once you are happy that the entire stain is covered, and the solution has soaked into the garment proceed to wash as normal with detergent.

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