About Us


What does quality mean or look like in a retail landscape where it is over-promised and underdelivered?

We were curious, so we started looking. Our curiosity led us into the corners of small towns, quiet bits of countryside, to the workshops of artisans and makers. There we discovered spaces rich with material and full of the sound of tools held by skilled hands at work. As we continued to meet more expert makers to learn about their craft, we came to realize that quality isn’t only about design, it’s also about a creator’s connection with the material and their expertise to shape and use it.

At 52 GAGE, we curate lifestyle designs from makers, artisans and brands around the world who are deeply connected to their crafts, materials, in order to create an experience that facilitates discovery and delight, and redefines retail experience.

We believe a exceptional retail journey begins with trust. We are redefining retail to change how people consume and reconnect our audiences with the beautiful stories behind lasting objects from makers around the world